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Economic Resources for K-12 Teachers

A social science, economics is the analysis and study of the consumption, the distribution and the production of services and goods. The whole point of economics is to explain how economies behave and how the agents of economics interact with each other. It is important for students to get an education in economics so that they are more capable of managing their own finances and making their personal wealth grow. Later on in life when they are adults in the working world, students will have to manage their budget, mortgages, investments and check books. To do so successfully, they need to understand precisely how the economy works so that they don’t live beyond their means and spend more than they earn, which would result in economic hardship. Here are dozens of super-comprehensive links to economic resources for teachers of Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade students.

  • Federal Reserve Education: Contains links to dozens of lesson plans for teachers of students from elementary school to high school. Lessons include topics like wealth-building and the economic crisis.
  • Interactive Games and Learning: Long list of links for lesson plan ideas for teachers of elementary and middle school teachers. Includes clarifications on important economic terms.
  • Online High School Economics Lesson: Resource for high-school teachers who want to teach their students about trade, the economic operations of government, and other subjects.
  • Teaching Economics as if People Mattered: Five lesson plan ideas for high-school teachers that revolve around stocks, definitions of the economy, and unconventional approaches to economics like musical chairs.
  • Money Instructor: Provides elementary school teachers with worksheets and printable lessons designed to get students to count money and to identify coinage.
  • What’s The Economy For Anyway?: Teaching resources that are useful for high-school students, centered around the question of, What’s the Economy For Anyway?
  • EconKids Home: From Rutgers University comes this resource guide that aims to use literature to introduce the economy to elementary school students.
  • United States Mint: Lessons for mostly elementary school kids. Teachers can download and then print PDF files that they can use for a lesson on familiarizing their students with money and sorting it.
  • Cynthia Lanius’ Lesson: Lesson plan on Exponential Growth for middle- and high-school students. It comes with teacher’s resources and explanations.
  • Sample Lessons: For students in grades four to eight, this web page contains downloadable activities that teachers can use in class. Activities are about the US economy and history and the stock market.
  • Money Management: Good for middle-school students, this web page contains a lesson plan that involves concepts on interest, spending, saving, and income. Designed so teachers can apply it to their classroom.
  • Philadelphia Fed: A lesson plan teachers can use for their primary school students, designed by economics experts. Instructs students on the principles of saving and opportunity costs.
  • St. Louis Fed: Lesson plan developed by a federal reserve member, targeting students seven to nine years old. Teachers can download the plan and use it for their students.
  • Lesson Plan Library: Economics: Lots of links to many lesson plans that teachers in primary school as well as high school can use on their own students. Some topics covered are debts and budgets.
  • Thirteen Ed Online: Lesson plans developed by master teachers using the Internet. Topics include credit, interest and financial planning.
  • VA-SOL-Lesson Plans: Long list of links to math and economy lesson plans for mostly elementary school students.
  • Tips for Teens: Resource site that encourages teachers to utilize their information about money management for teens and kids on their students. Teachers can turn this into a lesson in the classroom.
  • Econoclass: Useful Links: List of several links to economic plans that teachers can use to teach their high school students some basics about economics.
  • The Economics Classroom: List of links to economics resources that help high-school teachers teach the fundamentals of economics to their students.
  • Economic Education Lessons: Great list of generous links on numerous economic concepts like goods, markets, prices, etc.. For teachers of elementary and high-school kids.
  • Teacher Resources from the FRBSF: Contains several links to classroom-ready teaching lessons that instructors can use on high-school students. Requires only downloading of PDF files.
  • It All Adds Up: Features simulations and games to teach students all about investing, debt, saving—and more economics concepts. Good for teachers of high-school students.
  • Resources for Teachers: List of links from the Cleveland Federal Reserve to help teachers teach their students about the economy.
  • Pro Teacher: Resource-heavy website that contains a plethora of links to all kinds of economics lesson plans for elementary school teachers.
  • Lesson Planet: Massive resource website for teachers of both elementary and high-school students. Offers suggestion after suggestion on what kind of lesson to introduce in class.
  • Kid’s Econ Posters: A project of Purdue University, this website centers around 22 posters that describe and economic concept. Teachers for primary school students are encouraged to use them to plot a lesson around them.
  • Producing Ohio: Lesson Resources: Numerous lesson plans in economics designed at targeting elementary school kids. Good for teachers to design lessons around.
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