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Deskset Pink Safety Personal Checks

"I received my new checks and I just want to extend my gratitude in assisting me with my check order." -- Dominick DeRoberts
300 Singles ($22.99)
600 Singles ($39.99)
1200 Singles ($69.99)
2400 Singles ($119.99)
300 Duplicates ($30.99)
600 Duplicates ($53.99)
1200 Duplicates ($95.99)
2400 Duplicates ($169.99)
Guard your personal checks from unauthorized use of up to $25,000 for only $3.90 per 300 checks ordered.

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Check Features and Description

Our Deskset Pink Safety Checks, or Desk Checks fit a 7-ring binder and come Three-On-A-Page. Detached, the checks measure 6" x 2-3/4" and with the stub measure 10-1/2".

This Desk Set Safety Personal Check, under the Desk Set Personal Check Family, features pink. Close your eyes and think of the color pink. The first and foremost thing that comes quite naturally to your mind is spring. With an enhancement of a romantic environment with the color pink, these desksets are naturally a great choice for classic tastes.

Personal Checks Singles Duplicates
Pads per box 5 5
Checks per pad 25 20
Checks per box 125 100
What's Included with order: 24 Deposit Tickets & 1 Transaction Register

Check Options
Check Options Singles
Typestyles 7 Typestyles
Stock Logos Over 50 Choices
Monograms Two Styles

Delivery Options
Orders are usually produced within 72 hours upon receipt of payment and necessary information.
Delivery Method Delivery Time Features
Overnight 4-5 business days trackable, secure
2 Day 5-6 business days trackable, secure
Ground 6-9 business days trackable, secure
Basic 6-10 business days trackable, secure
Bulk Mail 12-21 business days not trackable not secure
In-Plant Rush 2 days faster priority printing
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